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Pin Up Perfection Magazine [20 Nov 2010|12:13am]

Just playing catch up! Check out our 8 fabulous issues!
Don't forget we are always looking for new content, send submissions to pinupperfectionmagazine@yahoo.com

We are also accepting ads for Issue 5, check out our ad page

Issue 1

Issue 2

Car Cruise

In the Kitchen

Issue 3


Issue 4

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Devious Journal Entry [09 Jun 2009|11:49pm]


Rozalie Tanklova
by *MoreThanNothing on deviantART
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Seeking artists, models, photographers and writers [19 Apr 2009|11:12pm]

Firstly I apologize if this isn't permitted. It's not spam, it's reaching out to others in the community with similar interests. We are in the works putting together a retro, pin up, vintage, burlesque magazine with a modern twist. We are currently seeking artists, writers, photographers and models interested in submitting work for our publication. Photos, stories, poetry, articles, interviews, product reviews, fashion/make up tips, art work and anything else that pertains to our theme is needed. We encourage models of all shapes and sizes as well as colors and styles to submit work. To find out more and information about submitting a piece please check out our temporary website.

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[24 Jan 2009|04:22pm]


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ebay-o-matic [15 Jan 2009|10:49am]


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Intro and such [29 Jan 2008|05:08pm]

OK, I've been a lurker here for some time and I figured I should introduce myself. I'm KC and I LOVE B-movie horror. TIs like the best, tis made me what I am today. Now I have a question. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo sleeve. All B-movie horror actors, with the words "Horray for horrorwood" I've already got Morticia and Gomez Addams, Herman and Lilly Munster, Bela Lagousi, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney and random others. I would just like to know what you guys think and if you have any idea's go ahead and suggest them please and thank you!
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[27 Jan 2008|01:55pm]


Dr. Bill Cortner is a successful scientist with a beautiful fiancée named Jan Compton. After a horrible car accident decapitates Jan, Dr. Cortner collects her severed head and rushes it to his laboratory, where he revives it and manages to keep it alive in a liquid-filled tray.

Dr. Cortner now decides to commit murder in order to obtain an attractive new body to attach to his fiancée's head. As he hunts for a suitable specimen, Jan begins to hatch some murder plans of her own. Filled with hatred for Cortner because he won't let her die, she communicates telepathically with a hideous mutant in the laboratory cell, telling it to kill the scientist.

The monster in the closet is played by Eddie Carmel in his first "cinematic role". Carmel was a well-known Palestine-born circus attraction who worked under the name "The Jewish Giant". He is the subject of a photograph by Diane Arbus entitled "The Jewish Giant at Home with His Parents in the Bronx, NY, 1970".[1]

The Brain that Woudn't Die was the first movie watched by Mike Nelson in Mystery Science Theater 3000 (episode 513). The film was also featured in the Steve Martin comedy The Man with Two Brains, along with Donovan's Brain.

In 2006, the movie was adapted into a live stage production by Last Rites Productions, a Portland, Oregon theatre company. The company had previously adapted "Manos" The Hands of Fate, a subject of another Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.

In the video game No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way, two guards turned into "man crates" are having a conversation. One of them quotes the movie most famous line ("Like all quantities horror has it's ultimate and I am that!") and the other recognizes it and add "I've never though I would ever relate to Jan In The Pan".

Movie bio by WikiPedia

Vaselina: I bought this movie at the 99 Cent store, I saw it quite a long time ago when Elvira hosted it. I was amazed by the acting. I am not a fan of bad acting in the Horror Genre which can exclude most movies from my list of favorites.

I love the tale of love vs. morals that was made so popular from The Bride of Frankenstein. Typical, though that it should end in destruction.

To me it reminded me of a mix of both Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein, keep the woman alive and to be destroyed by your own creation. Terriffic!

Even though the plot could link to other films, it was still a great original film and I loved it.
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[ mood | busy ]

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Maila Nurmi Vampira Memorial Fund [21 Jan 2008|02:55pm]


Many, if not all of us, have heard news of the death of Maila Nurmi, the magnificent woman who created and breathed exquisite life into the unforgettable character, Vampira.

She was a legend, an icon, a figure to be revered. And yet she was a woman, an old woman with a face that could turn tides and change history. I have never known someone so sharp, so biting and filled with so much to give that she simmered beneath her velvety paper-thin skin. Eyes the colour of frost, she had it within her to turn them to you and pour her stories into your soul until she expanded the parameters of who you were entirely. She could turn on you with the quickness and venom of a serpent and make you feel absolutely insignificant. Her warmth and fondness existed in nuance and compliments that required one to pay attention. Her humor, as with all things concerning this lady of vast spirit, was sophisticated and bitter and pointed.

She saw us, each of us that was invited into her controlled life. She viewed us with the eye of a skeptic. Not a victim but someone accustomed to being used and wrenched from all sides, and determined not to allow any such nonsense again. She would open slowly, delicately like the most precious of orchids, filling your senses with a perfume that lingered to haunt you long after your time with her had passed.

She knew the rules and didn't care to follow them. Her path, her expectations of others, her life, was her own. We should all be so fierce, so intelligent and so powerful, to own ourselves, our decisions and failures, and our minds.

She died with little as is usually the case for our dark legendary figures.

Thankfully her niece has given us permission to send her off beautifully.

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Every dollar counts. She deserves the dignity to lie beside the other stars of her era. Please help us in this effort. Thank You.
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[21 Jan 2008|10:08am]

Back in the Day I used to do Horror Movie Reviews for Zombie Central and some I would do independently. Here is a list of movies I have enjoyed or have ripped a new asshole. Some I have only profiled as well. Feel free to argue with me.

Carnival of Souls
King Kong (the remake vs.the original)
Blood Of The Beast
Cannibal Holocaust
The Brain That Wouldn't Die

I will update this list.
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the vampirela battle who will win taken votes [17 Jan 2008|11:34pm]

 if u know ther names tag them , 
and vote lets see who knows there names

i so love games , we should make a trivia game ppl what do u think , i want ideas
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Hello [16 Jan 2008|12:11pm]

[ mood | happy ]

My name is Pinky. I came here through a post on the Old Hollywood community.

I am in love with the classic Universal Horror movies. This looks like a fun place to hang out.

I'm wondering if there is any other Universal horror fans out there? It seems that whenever I tell people that I'm a fan I just get funny looks.

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[16 Jan 2008|02:04am]

please forgive my deformities , 
i am new to this community .

but any until then i will be a cape fear lol
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[15 Jan 2008|08:55pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Auntie Vaselina presents: Her top three creepy tunes.

Bobby Boris Pickett's, "THE MONSTER MASH"What can I say Ghouls It's Bobby, the man whom put the smash hit into halloween

Bessie Smith's "Haunted House Blues"Oh Bessie, the song reminds you of a vintage short casper cartoon. It's creepy and heart felt and just such an extraordinary tune!

The Chordettes, "Mister Sandman"Some would say it only sounded creepy after they saw "Halloween 2", it's debateable but I think it sounds creepy yet sweet.

Can U think of some? Share them!
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vintage dresses for sale [29 Nov 2007|08:41am]
please have a look

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[26 Apr 2007|10:58pm]


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[01 Mar 2007|12:55pm]

who is this?

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Request for Pictures [09 Oct 2006|06:02pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I've lurked here forever, and now I feel terrible that my first post is a request. So, I apologise in advance.

I'm looking for Dark/Spooky/Halloween or interesting Costume themed Burly-Q, pin up, or maybe even 19th century pictures. My Burlesque troupe (White Lightnin' Burlesque) is collaborating with a local Goth night for a Halloween Extravaganza, and I'm looking for at least slightly high res pictures for the flyer. I have some great ones in my files, but they are too small for a good flyer.

I would be happy with links, a picture comment(although it might be too large), or an e-mail karla at karlaboodot com.

Thank you so much in advance! Examples of the styles I'm looking for are under the cut.

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Spooky Black Cat Pencil Skirts & Spiderweb Pencil Skirt! [03 Oct 2006|11:53pm]

Spooky Black Cat Pencil Skirts & Spiderweb Pencil Skirt!
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[21 Jun 2006|08:09pm]


Click Picture
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