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dark_vintage's Journal

Dark vintage
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HELLO GUYS, GHOULS AND ANYTHING IN BETWEEN!!! You are now in the sitting room of the Dark Vintage Parlor, inside you will see a community dedicated to the Dark Vintage Era of Hollywood, there's plenty of Classic Horror Movies for you to read up on and plenty of pictures for you to see! Just make sure if you also decide to post with all the other lost souls here, please make sure it is clean and age appropriate!!

We are the newly re-defined community for Vintage horror flicks from the 1920's to the 1960's. We also love the great dedication to the dark theme. Music, bands, artwork, band submissions, shows and events, clothing and fashion. And much much more...

Trick Or Treators! Spoooooky Pinup Classics! Vaselina's Movie Reviews!

An oldhollywood community, with your maintainers and hosts for this evening: nightmare13_sin and cemeterytrash